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In here you can learn how to use the discount code.


Effective discount code: 10%  


Step 1. Find The Shop's Discount Code

On the right side of the shop's navigation bar, the discount code currently available for the shop is displayed and copied for later use.

kuongshun discount


Step 2. Login And Add Products To Your Cart

After logging in and adding the product to the cart, open the cart menu in the upper right corner and click "check out".

kuongshun shop cart


Step 3. Find The Discount Input Box And Enter The Discount Code

Completing the contact information and shipping address on the left, then find the discount box and enter the discount code provided by the store in the box.

kuongshun discount code


Step 4. Click The Apply Button To Display The Discounted Price

After entering the discount code, click the 'Apply' button to display the discounted price.

The discount code I used here is #kuongshun10%, which will be deducted by $16.49 after use.

If the reduced price cannot be displayed, it is possible that the code was entered incorrectly or the discount has expired.


kuongshun discounted


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.