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Use WS2812B Make a Suit that Light Up

The project is designed with Arduino Mega 2560 and UNO R3 as the development platform and WS2812B as the display element. In the whole process, you just need to control the LED strip to display different colors and states through Arduino to get the desired effect. The design of this project is very simple, but it requires a lot of welding and is suitable for all kinds of dance performances.






Things used in this project

  • Soldering Tool
  • Hot melt adhesive


WS2812B SMD LED Strip

WS2812 is a smart external control LED light source integrating control circuit and light-emitting circuit.


pin figure


Base pin name

Function description


Data output

Control data signal output


Data input

Control data signal input



Control circuit power supply


Power supply

Power supply pin


Ground connection

Signal grounding and power grounding


1. Garment design

Fix the WS2812B SMD LED Strip to the clothes with hot glue , upper body hats, tops, and gloves are controlled by mega 2560, and lower body pants and shoes are controlled by UNO R3 and fixed with hot melt adhesive. Then connect the battery to the UNO DC port.

Note: Power supply 9v 2A, a total of 455 lights in the project.

Clothes the finished product
Arduino UNO Project
Clothes the finished product


2. Device attachment

In the project, used pin 3 of uno. In the process of experiment, you can decide according to your own situation.

UNO Project

arduino project


3.Download the LED driver library

The downloaded files are placed into the "libraries" folder under the Arduino IDE installation directory.


 4.Program writing

<Adafruit_NeoPixel.h> is used to drive the chip, set the flashing time interval according to requirements, the color is set by modifying the three values of RGB.

Programming code

#define PIN 3     We are using Pin 3, and everyone can set it up.
int numPixel = 455;    "455" is the total number of LED lamp beads, and it is better to use how much to modify according to your actual situation.
strip.setBrightness(35);    "35" is the brightness of the LED. The default is 50.





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