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Build Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit

In this article, you will learn how to build a robotic car chassis kit, which is a commonly used Arduino board. You can watch the video tutorial or follow the written instructions.


1. Open the package - it has a screwdriver, two DC motors, two wheels and an acrylic car chassis. There is also a small plastic bag with a battery holder inside, a small wheel in front, some bolts and screws, four wires and other components needed to assemble the robot.

Robot Car Chassis Kit instructions










2. Each motor requires a red wire and a black wire. You can use a wire cutter to cut the wire to the length you want.

Robot Car Chassis Kit project










3. After you have prepared all four wires, you need to solder them to the DC motor. Tin plated on the DC motor pins. Then, grab the wire and solder it to the DC motor pin. Repeat this process to all other connections.

Arduino Robot Car Chassis Kit










4. Now you need screwdrivers, bolts and screws, and those metal parts. First connect the metal parts to the DC motor.

Robot Car Kit step










5. Remove the protective adhesive from the acrylic chassis in both sides. Grab the small wheel and attach it to the front part of the chassis.

Smart Robot Car Kit










6. Finally, it is time to attach the DC motors to the chassis and connect the wheels to the DC motors.

Motor Smart Robot Car










Your robot car chassis is now ready. This is what it looks like after assembly:

Smart Robot Car












Additional tips:

  • When making robots with Arduino, we often use Arduino Nano because it is lighter and fits on the breadboard.
  • We use a half breadboard, which is more suitable for the robot chassis.
  • We usually do not use battery holders. Instead, we recommend using a portable charger (power supply) that is rechargeable, takes up less space, and is more practical.
  • We used a Velcro to secure the portable charger and breadboard to the chassis. It's really practical because you can easily attach and detach components without any damage.



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