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Detailed process of Assembling Multi-Functional 4WD Robot Car Kit

In this tutorial you will be taught how to properly assemble a Multi-Functional 4WD infrared remote control smart car.
This process is very interesting. I believe that for every Arduino enthusiast, this sense of accomplishment is unparalleled when you can assemble scattered parts into a car. Let's get started now.
This is all the parts of a car. Below I will be divided into four parts to assemble the car.
Multi-Functional 4WD Robot Car

Part I Assembly of wheels, motors and tracking sensors

First, we solder the red and black power wires to the motor, and the soldering position remains uniform.
soldering motor
After soldering, connect the fixing post of the motor to the motor with long screws and nuts.
connect the fixing post of the motor
Note that the motor should be installed with the same direction as shown in the figure below, fixed with screws.
motor installed
Mount the wheel to the motor.
Mount the wheel
Next, install 3 tracing modules in front of the car.
Each sensor requires a short copper post and two plastic spacers.
This is to shorten the distance between the sensor and the ground, and the data obtained is more accurate.
The two ends of the copper column are fixed with screws.
install tracing modules
Complete the first part.
first part

Part II Installing the motor drive module

The motor drive module should be mounted on the opposite side of the motor.
Find two holes, use two plastic spacers under the board, and then fix them with screws and nuts.
motor drive module
Complete the second part.
4WD Robot Car

Part III Installation of steering gear and UNO board


Install the rudder turntable on the steering gear, then fix it to the black bracket and tighten with 5 small screws.
Note: Turn the servos by hand so that the 90° position is facing forward and then fixed.
installed servos
Install the brackets on the left and right sides of the servo, align the raised positions of the servo, and use two screws to fix the sides of the bracket.
servo bracket
Attach the ultrasonic sensor to the servo holder using two zip ties.
Fix the steering base to the front of the upper acrylic plate with thin long screws and nuts.ultrasonic sensor to the servo
Install Arduino and expansion board.
Arduino expansion board
Install the receiver module of the infrared remote control next to the servo.
receiver module

Part IV Connection


Motor drive module wiring diagram
Motor drive module schematic
Arduino pin connection table
  Ultrasonic sensor   ECHO   A0
  TRIG   A1
  VCC   5V
  Servo   Orange line   D12
  Red line   5V
  Brown line   GND
  Infrared receiver     module   G   GND
  R   5V
  Y   D13
  Motor driven module   ENA   D6
  IN1   D7
  IN2   D8
  IN3   D9
  IN4   D10
  ENB   D5
  Tracing module   G   GND
  V+   5V
  S-First   D4
  S-Second   D1
  S-Third   D2
Arduino robot car




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    I have inserted all wire every thing and programing also which you have given but my smart robot car still not working i am trying from 4 month but it not moving explain reason and tell why it not working

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